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the angel that disappeared brought about the end of humanity

I sat on the tombstone
shrouded in shadows
waiting for twilight to be shown
while watching the scurrying black widows
hearing each hour that goes by chime

I saw the light that was cast
over the lands
wondering if that hour was my last
turning that thought over in my hands
that hourglass of frozen time

I pondered what was happening,
what would happen at all
I felt a gust of wind- had felt a chill so frightening
As I saw that light fall
in front of my very eyes

A figure appeared
full of grace
the figure brought on my fear
it had shown upon my face
as I had heard the first of the battle cries

The figure was female
beautiful yet unchanging
the scent intoxicating as I inhale
she could be cruel- put you in a wrought iron caging
which you could never escape

she spread out her wings and spoke to me:
"I have seen a great deal"
in her voice was the sound of a plea
it was this sound that I could feel
though the Earth's landscape

continuing she goes on:
"It feels like agony to see everyone behave this way"
it is early morning- now approaches dawn
"That I can not let this continue another day"
Now I understand what she meant

She rose up and disappeared
this angel- for god sakes
and through this moment brought about the end
the Earth now splits and shakes
the cracking and melting of cement

Through the Earth the dark figures now have arrived
they are determined- they are not shy
here to take the first of human lives
they are here for me.....I don't know why
I wouldn't know the reason

A shadow speaks to me
with no rhyme
I start to cry
I ask what was my crime
the shadow shakes its' head and says the humans had committed treason

The humans as an entire race
I see that now
the reasons were to simple to trace
there were many ways how
the human race had done wrong

I saw the world before my eyes
all the evil the human race had created
all the murders, all the lies
I understand now, the human race how it is now fated
the truth rang like the sound of a gong

The shadow figures watch my eyes
its' laugh coarse, cold yet plucky
that laugh binds my hands and feet like ties
I should consider myself lucky
that this for me would be over quick, that I was the first of many to die

I would not have to watch what was coming next
they would end my life fast
as if my living was in simple context
these last few breaths would be my last
I would try to act brave, I would lie

After my death the rest of the word would follow
I thought that I must be the worst
that god would allow
me to die first
I felt sick inside

the shadows were circling
it would be soon
my doubts, they were lurking
behind the faint clouds above the moon
my death would be painless- this to myself I had lied

In my last few moments
I think I lost my hold on my sanity
what reappeared was that angel- she told me to repent
then I had my neck broke as I watch the angel disappear again
when the angel disappeared she had brought about the end of humanity

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i know it's been a long time since i have last posted an entry- but this one i suppose couldn't fully wait- much like when i watched the final harry potter book on the big screen it was the end of an era- almost an official end to my childhood in a way. This one marks an anniversary of the doctor- who many have grown up with or even just started watching- the mad man in the bigger on the inside but smaller on the outside wibbly wobbly timey wimey box. It all started with the 1st doctor and his granddaughter susan on their joyride to see the universe (and to further her education ofcourse- one thing about the timelords- to get that status you have to study and learn for hundreds of years) when some humans in the 1960's got curious and was introduced to the doctor because they were worried about susan- and from there the adventures got more adventurous, fun and even at times dangerous. After his granddaughter fell in love with a human on earth she was torn with the decision to either leave and be with her human love or stay with our dear doctor. The doctor saw the hurt in her eyes of possibly leaving her human love and decided for her that she was to remain with him- severing the last of the ties between him and his true gallifreyian family almost indefinitely- from then on the doctor would eventually pick up lost souls or gain friends and they would travel with him, keeping him company as he traveled throughout time and space. Many had come and gone, but in the end he never stayed alone for long.  His biggest obstacle and regret still is that of having fought in the time war and time locking his planet so that while in this time he may never be with his own people again (fingers crossed with the future doctors of this changing). He lost his people in the war- cause the seeming destruction of 2 races and was again on his own. At 900 years of running and saving worlds in the universe, he had come back to earth once again and gained the companionship of rose tyler, who have helped him to heal from the time war and even fell in eventual love with one another, only after awhile to lose her to an alternate universe (with the meta doctor), while hurtling thoroughout space after saving the world again after gallifrey's return (a short return sadly), he regenerates into the 11th doctor- he once again gains a sense of family while exploring the universe and even marries a human with timelord dna named river song. but even loses her after awhile (again wibbly wobbly, timey wimey). Now we are at present day, with a new companion and a new worry, trenzalore- we have had the war doctor, 10 and 11 (along with the other doctors and the future 12th doctor- marking 13 doctors to date with the 12th doctor making it 13) help timelock gallifrey and put it into a pocket universe, just waiting to be found. I hope you all followed that in a short amount of time- trying to explain 50 years in a paragraph with its constant compelling storylines and changing atmosphere and changing actors in the title role takes a lil bit to explain. In Short, the doctor- being bout 1200 years old, has seen the universe and then some, all the while ultimately taking us on this exciting adventure all the while taking us the long way back home. And between you and me, it's been a hellava ride in the tardis with alot more trips in the past, present and future to come. Allons'y, Geronimo, and forever Thank The Doctor- for if the alternate universe theory is correct, he has already saved us.


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